Don’t Miss Out… Going the Distance coming July 26 (Blue Starlite Drive-In @ Mueller) & July 27 (online YouTube premiere @7pm)! 

“Wait, we had a meeting?”  -Every cast member in the show

Our Mission:

SBT is here to support teachers through the lens of live performance in theatre, inviting all teachers to either perform in, work on, or support one of our productions. By providing an opportunity to teachers practice the art of collaboration through play, teachers can return to their practice of teaching nourished and maximize their craft of teaching. The goal of this company is also give back to the teaching community by maintaining a presence throughout the year through innovative workshops, continuing education, performance opportunities and other resources. This makes it possible for provision of teacher-themed events, supplies, funding, and more. When teachers receive this support, they continue to thrive.

Our Performance Home:

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All teachers. All theatre. For all audiences. We are so glad you are here!


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